How to read guitar notes - step 3


To read the notes rhythmically you need measures. Measures are the sections that the staff is divided into by the vertical bar lines as seen below.

Bar Line Measure

Time signature

You also need to know what the time signature is. The time signature tells you how many notes per measure there are and what kind of notes. In this first example there are 4 quarter notes per measure. The upper 4 tells you that there are 4 notes per bar and the lower 4 tells you what kind of notes, in this case quarter notes. You will learn more about the notes and their values in step 4. The 4/4 is the most common time signature.

Time Signature 1

The next example is a 3/4 time signature. The 3 means 3 notes per measure and the 4 means that these notes should be quarter notes. So this time signature means 3 quarter notes per measure.

Time Signature 2

The 2/2 means 2 half notes per measure:

Time Signature 3

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