The minor scale - 6 positions

The minor scale, also called the Aeolian scale or Aeolian mode, has the same notes and patterns as the major scale but from another root. In this case the A minor scale is the same as the C major scale. It is common to say that the A minor is the relative minor of C major. The relative minor is 3 half steps (3 frets) down from the major. For example the relative minor of G major is E minor.

It is important to understand that these are different scales. You should always try to remember where the root is in the scale. When you improvise on a song in A minor for example, it is important to know that the root is A and not C.

As always you should practice with alternate picking, down, up, down, up and so on. The fingering is only a suggestion and you will need to change it depending on, for example if you play the scale up or down.


A Minor Guitar Scale

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