More basic chords

Here are some more of the most common guitar chords. Remember to listen to each string individually, to make sure they all ring. Make sure you've got the right fingering and that you know which strings to strum and which not to.

The last 2 chords are different versions of F. They are both Barre chords. Barre chords are very useful. Because there are no open strings in most of these chords, you can move the chords through all 12 keys. For an example, if you move the 6-stringed F-chord two frets up, you will get a G chord. You will learn more about barre chords on a different lesson.

Take your time with these chords. When you are done, let's learn some tunes using these chords in the 2 chord songs and 3 chord songs lessons.
Good luck!

Em guitar chord C guitar chord D guitar chord G guitar chord Am guitar chord E guitar chord A guitar chord Dm guitar chord D7 guitar chord C7 guitar chord F guitar chord F barre guitar chord

2 chord songs
3 chord songs
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